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Oct. 28th, 2007

Quick update on the search

Tried calling. No answer.

Sent a text from my computer. No reply.

talked to one of the people here that knows her and found out she is with people, just not the people that are here. *insert sigh of relief here*

I hate when i hear stuff like, "just let it go, it's not your problem" well you know what, i want to make it my problem. why? because it might just help out in the end. if it doesn't, then it doesn't and i tried. but at least i can fail and sleep soundly knowing that i tried, instead of not being able to sleep at night wondering what might have happened because i decided the only action was inaction.

not everyone wants to be saved in the world, and they let themselves go. but maybe, just maybe, by taking a second to offer someone who looks like they need a hand some help, that might be enough to let them know there is still a part of humanity that gives a shit about other people.

Sep. 16th, 2007

The Ghost and the Darkness

Craziness has just happened. Here is the play by play review.

Captain Radz: HOLY SHIT!
maguspsu: What?
Captain Radz: HUNTER
Captain Radz: he is going ape shit
maguspsu: Any idea why?
Captain Radz: not a frakkin clue
Captain Radz: ears are back
Captain Radz: running around the basement
Captain Radz: i can in, he ran away
Captain Radz: then came tearing behind me as i checked my mail
Captain Radz: leaped onto the bed as if he were taking down a gazelle
Captain Radz: spun circles on the bed
Captain Radz: pushed a blanket off
Captain Radz: and now he is staring at me. I fear for my life.

This is the world I have to sleep in. A psychotic cat that lately has decided to attack my legs in my sleep. If he were a lion he would have a short mane. i have no doubt of this.

Sep. 11th, 2007

Six years and counting...

yes, you can call expect I am placing an entry today about september 11, 2001. I dont need to go into the details of that specific day, many of you know what I was doing that day.

Instead I am writing about where we stand as a nation. Six years ago we were able to come together and say that we were united as a nation. That we would not be controlled by the terrorists, and that we will live as we always have.

I am afraid that we have broken that promise we made to ourselves.

In 2003 we as a nation were presenting evidence to the world about how Iraq was a clear and present danger to the safety of the United States, its allies, and the entire free world. Loose connections to the terrorists that attacked the United States were made, and we were behind going in and kicking Saddam and his plane flying buddies out, just to find out there was no connection at all.

We were lied to. Reasons to go to war were given to everyone. It was the war that was to appeal to the entire world because we each had something to gain with Iraq under a new person to call " our guy".

Now through this action we have more Americans dead than we did when the terrorists did strike. The lives of our citizens have been touched with more sorry. And for what? We do not have the head of Osoma bin Laden, the man who is responsible for the attacks. Instead we bury more of our own that were sent to fight in a place that had nothing to do with the collapse of the World Trade Center. This battle in Iraq has been for nothing.

I love my country. I was once ready to stan and defend it, give my last breath in order to guarantee that when the sun would rise, a bugle would play somewhere, and the American flag would fly again.

I still love my country. But what do you do when the nation you love so much as become so lost and so apathetic? How do you rally the people together for the better of their fellow man, and not need countless lives lost in order to do so? America needs heroes. America needs good people that will stand in the face of those who have wronged the people they have sworn to serve. When a people are faced with despotism, and have the ability to take action to dispose of those who have corrupted the system, it is their duty, their obligaion to ensure the system is kept in place.

The only ones who can stop the system from crashing are those who have the ability to partake in it. And that person is every single one of us.

Sep. 9th, 2007

An analysis of the plans provided by Princess Leia...

Here we go.


Work on the Death Star is being planned by the Japanese.

They are working on robots that look like people.

And now they are working on a death ray.


Sep. 5th, 2007

The Use of Nuclear Weapons is Authorized...

Think about it, 25 years ago we were still ready for the birds of death to come flying over us and rain down upon our heads an atomic wave of death on the nation. The threat of a force touching the life of every single man woman and child on the earth was something that was at the time, a very real threat.

So what happens if one of those things would go off today?

Who would we start to look to in order to place the blame?

And why in the hell am I even typing about this?

Well it would seem today, Sept. 5, 2007, nuclear weapons flew over the United State of America. (Click the link to read about the huge frak-up http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20427730/?GT1=10357) So what's the big deal, we should be able to move our weapons at will at any point one would say. And I will agree with that to an extent. A country should not be limited in it's ability to move forces, whether they be arms or troops, from one location to another. but what does that movement mean to other nations?

Looking at the munitions that we have today, it doesn't relaly matter what coast we keep them on, they can reach out and touch someone. hell, they can be in the center of the frakkin country and they will still get to their assigned destination. so why does moving them mean anything? well with news out that we have moved them, i do not doubt that another nation will call this accident an act of hidden aggression on their sovereign nation. so who might make this claim? well placing the weapons in the north now lets North Korea and Russia hold this claim. Just a few months ago we were having problems with Russia when we were trying to push a missile defense plan for Europe. And of course the bad Korea is on the checklist of places that pose a threat. So now we have just given two powerful places a means to make for thier case of US aggression.

I write these words and I worry about them, because I think of what some of my old army friends would have said, and their response would have been that it doesn't matter, because we could just go in and f--- them up. I am not one to agree with this. While I feel that victory would be possible, it would not be worth the price. We go to war with Russia and we then get to see how good our missile defense is. We go to war with North Korea, and we have huge issues, such as no exit plan. Sound familiar? So then we look like an even bigger bully on the block, going around throwing our weight and not caring the outcome. I am sure that die hard supporters of this administration are not seeing the problem at all in moving the weapons. There are other things to consider outside of what could happen in retaliation.

What happens when the plane that is carrying the weapons has a mechanical failure and crashes? I know there are safeguards on teh weapons that ensure they would survive such a crash, but lets also consider that there are safeguards in place to make sure planes and helicopters don't crash either, and those things fall from the sky my friends.

So imagine this, you are sitting at work, and someone comes in and says to go check out cnn.com
you go to the site to hear that what appears to be a nuclear device has gone off in the midwest and the president, vice-president, and cabinet have now retreated to an undisclosed location.
Next on the list of things for is that the joint chiefs will be advising the president on what action to take next. there would be an alert level put out so that in only about an hour and a half, every single military post, reserve, and guard center, would have armed guards at the units, all of which would be authorized the use of deadly force.

parents would be rushing to schools to get their children, people would start leaving the city, stores would be clogged with people buying milk, eggs, and bread, because for some reason those things are going to save your life, and families would be tied to the television to see what would happene next.

here is where things would get tricky. given the location of where the missile would go, there is the chance that it could be in a region where we have one of our old nuke sites. if that would be a place that got hit, it would almost be safe to assume that we would blame Russia, who had our old sites targeted from the Cold War, for the detonation of the device. If that were the case we would probably then be on a path of brinkmanship, accusing the Russians of attacking us.

The next few moments of dialogue would be precious and who knows what would happen. It almost happened once, and with the kind of irresponsiblity that we displayed today, could very well happen again, and possibly even to the next level. The people that moved these weapons are supposed to be professionals. and yes, even the pros can make mistakes, but can we afford and explanation such as human error when it is a matter of the security of the world?

Actions such as these worry me.

please feel free to add what you like. Steve and Bob, I am sure you both have comments. Fire at will.

Forced Integration

Mixing two different groups together sometimes isn't the best idea.

With that said, no I am not talking about people.

I tried to introduce my cat to one of the dogs of the house this evening. After I cut teh grass i thought it might not be a bad idea. I feel bad that my cat stays downstairs all the time and cannot go stare out of windows at all anymore.

well the incident did not go as i expected.

yasha was fine with hunter, but Hunter chased Yasha around the room.

Hunter is the cat.
Yasha is a German Shepard.

Yasha is terrified of Hunter.

I am going to now go outside and keep an eye out for flying pigs, hell freezing over, and a seven headed beast with ten horns raised from it's head.

Sep. 4th, 2007

Starting the morning off right

how do i get to start my morning tomorrow? I have to meet with some guy and talk about a new mode of advertising for him. this company spends a ton with us, and now I have to keep them happy and ready to invest a ton more into something new.

if i frak this up i don't have a job anymore.

on a completely unrelated note, NYC was awesome!

Sep. 2nd, 2007

If you can make it here...

I am about to head up to the city of New York today. It will be my first time, and I am thrilled :) Time to show the city how to roll BLIGHT style.

This should be a day that I will not forget.

Adventure awaits!

Aug. 30th, 2007

Our Town: Part 2

Okay, so in an earlier entry I was complaining about this town. Well here is the reason why. To me, there isn't a real community in this town. Now there might be if you are born and raised here, but the second you are an outsider, well you are one of "them" and you really dont get what it means to be an asshole here. You see, if you are an outsider, it would seem that the reason you are is because you came here with for the university, not for your love of everything else the town has to offer (it should be noted that this town wouldn't even be here if there had not been a land grant signed by the federal government, allowing the university to be made as a farming school, which i suspect the motivation for doing so was related to a post-civil war reconstruction campaign, but i haven't read up on that idea) so you are here to work. oh what's that, you dont make more than 80k a year? well yeah, then the town doesnt have much to say for you. you're out there for the wolves to devour you.

then we have a place like reynoldsville, pennsylvania. you see, i just found out that a week ago one of the people i graduated with died. yeah, i got a long with him in high school, but after that we didn't talk much. i only ran into him here and there. well it ends up the kid had cancer and unfortunately he lost that fight. well, while he was going through medical treatment, what little money his family had was sucked up real fast by the bastards that provide healthcare at a price that only the rich can afford to pay. what did that mean in the end? his family had to find a way to pay for the funeral for their son. well this is where small town America kicks in, and this is what gives me faith in the people still. There was a larege memorial event held in honor of the kid since everyone in the town knew him. he was easy going, like to hunt, fish and be in the woods, those sort of things. anyways, when this dinner was held, what happened? well first off the food was being made locally, and was probably donated. but the tickets to go were 5 dollars a piece. so the people kick in five bucks and now the family wont ahve to worry about the bill. a pretty amazing thing i must say. i know i have never heard of such things happening around here.

so yeah, this place might have the great penn state university and be called Happy Valley, but it is in no way a community. The only sense of community that i get from this place is that there are two groups, townies and outsiders. they dont mix, and when you are one, you will never ever become another one.

When i moved to dubois I was accepted very quickly. more so than i was at the town i lived in before. the people of my home town seem to allow new people in much easier and are happy to see a new face. does that mean that cities are different? well i dont know. i have never lived in a metropolitan area, but i am almost willing to be that even in a city a sense of community still thrives. there are neighborhoods, hell, streets that I am sure people look out for one another on. this place is just messed up. I have rid myself of the idea that I am married to this town and have some sort of obligation to stay here. the world is out there waiting for me to find a spot to live in and help out. I just need to find the place I want to call home.

Aug. 27th, 2007

Our Town

Been thinking a lot lately about this town vs the one that i amfrom. and you know what conclusion i am coming to? this place can go frak itself. why? because this might be a town, but as far as i am concerned there is no community here. I have been back to my home town a few times in the recent weeks, and I find myself actually enjoying it there. why? well the people there actually seem to give a damn about the place because guess what, the avergate resident stays longer than four years. I am kinda tired now, so I will write more about this later. For now though, frak this town.

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